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TMJ-Sleep Apnea-Bruxism


Many different intra oral appliances are offered by the Kensington dental clinic. Appliances may be needed for TMD, grinding or sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea

For patients that have sleep apnea an intra-oral appliance is a great option. In most cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea an intra-oral appliance works as well as a CPAP machine. Many patients say that the intra-oral device is more comfortable and less obtrusive than the CPAP machine. Intra-oral sleep apnea appliances work by advancing the mandible, so that the patient's airway is less obstructed,. This creates increased airflow and P02 levels. The appliance is adjustable through special screws that allow the protrusion of the mandible for proper comfort and function.

Grinding Appliances

For patients that grind or clench their teeth a bite plane is highly recommended. Grinding or clenching your teeth can result in many unwanted dental issues such as enamel wear, chipped or fractured teeth, gingival recession (gum loss), and increases in temperature sensitivity. Other symptoms of grinding or clenching can be headaches, neck pain or TMD.

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