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Unfortunately sometimes teeth are beyond repair and need to be extracted. The Kensington Dental Clinic insures proper anesthesia so that no pain is normally felt on the removal of the tooth.


Extracting a tooth maybe required when there is gross decay, pain, or if a tooth is eptopic. The most important aspect of this procedure is proper anesthesia. The Kensington Dental Clinic has many types of anesthetic available to insure that you are properly "frozen".

In all cases a medical history is completed at the appointment. Questions are asked to ensure that it is safe to proceed with the extraction. The teeth, gums, and bone are then anesthetized to insure that the tooth can be extracted pain free. Sutures or gauze packing maybe placed and post-operative instructions are given. A phone call is made within 24 hours to insure that the patient is getting along okay.

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