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OUR PLEDGE to all our Patients
"To provide high quality professional dental work in a relaxing atmosphere where patients are fully respected and appreciated." Our patients enjoy the highest level of dental care incorporating the latest technologies.


You make the decision. At the Kensington Dental Clinic you will be counseled on all the different treatment options. Each option will be carefully explained so that you can fully understand the pros and cons of every treatment. Only then can you choose the best plan of action to suit your needs.


We want you to feel appreciated which starts with a friendly greeting the minute you walk in the door. Grab a magazine and relax, but don't expect to wait long as we strive to be very punctual. We know your time is just as important as ours.


Our office is a relaxed atmosphere with extremely friendly staff. We will make you feel very comfortable and will make sure that any concerns or worries are addressed. It is important to us to ensure that your visit to our clinic is as pleasant as possible.

"We are a small family oriented dental practice, who offer a wide variety of services including oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. The Kensington Dental Clinic is a very modern clinic with many of the latest technologies to ensure they provide their best dental care. Our patient pledge (above) describes what the Kensington Dental Clinic strives to achieve for every individual patient. Dr. MacLean and staff pride themselves on going above and beyond to meet any of their patients’ needs however big or small."



Restorative dentistry takes advantage of many new dental materials that can be used to re-build teeth that would otherwise have been lost. This includes bridges, veneers, implants and more... Read More


Invisalign® uses custom made clear aligners that are created to gradually move your teeth into the proper position. These aligners are made from smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Read More


Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain or other materials that are cemented to the teeth. Although they do add strength in many cases they are predominately used to improve esthetics. Read More


Implants are specially designed devices that act as artificial “roots”. They are inserted into the bone and act as the foundation to restore the dentition. A single tooth can be replaced with one implant or the whole dentition can be fixed in place with multiple implants. Read More


Kensington Dental Clinic is also now providing nitrous oxide for their patients. Nitrous oxide can be a great way to make procedures much easier on patients who are a little more anxious. Read More


A tooth is made up of the root and the crown. A dental crown is a replacement of the natural crown, or visible part of your tooth. It provides strength and usually improves esthetics. Read More


Dental bridges replace one or more teeth that have been lost. They can be made from many different types of materials and are cemented on either side for a permanent fixed solution. Read More


When some or all of the teeth are missing the most economical solution is usually a partial or complete denture. There are many different types with differing costs and benefits. Read More


Unfortunately sometimes teeth are beyond repair and need to be extracted. The Kensington Dental Clinic insures proper anaesthesia - so that no pain is felt during the removal of a tooth. Read More


When teeth have died and start to cause pain or have become extremely sensitive, a root canal may be needed. Many root canals are completed in one appointment. Patients should feel no discomfort during this procedure. Read More


Many different intra oral appliances are offered by the Kensington Dental Clinic. Appliances may be needed for TMJ, grinding or sleep apnea. Read More


Although we offer many advanced services we are at heart a family practice. As a father himself, Dr MacLean understands that children are often nervous about seeing a dentist. He works to create an atmosphere that reassures his younger patients.


A good oral hygiene routine is essential to prevent tooth loss due to decay and gum disease. Oral hygiene should include brushing as well as flossing, at least twice a day, to remove food particles and bacteria that build up creating plaque. Read More

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